Thursday, November 25, 2010

Getting Started

There's probably no passion (but one which I reserve for God) that God ignites in my heart that is greater than the passion I have for pretty much every form of what many call "Life Writing."  In my lexicon, this broad term includes any of the following "genres":
  • personal letter writing (whether mailed or not, whether saved or not)
  • "log" or day-planner entries; notes on a calendar page
  • diary entries (which I think of more as expanded log entries--going into a little more detail of what happened, not doing much personal interpretation or reflection)
  • journal entries (doing a lot more reflecting, interpreting, exploring, etc. -- whether to keep or to destroy)
  • personal essay writing (sharing your reflections on virtually any subject--person, place, thing, or situation)
  • autobiographical essay writing (writing your life story in increments/"chapters.")
  • memoir writing (using creative writing techniques to show in scene(s) one season or slice of your life and reflecting on it from your own totally honest point of view.)
More to come! 

You're welcome to write to me (and email it or not) if it will help you gather and express your thoughts.


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