Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting up this morning is a creative act!

 “Creativity is an act of initiative.” (Julia Cameron, Supplies, p. 1)

Reading this one statement, something in me was awakened.  Creativity–no matter what it is that I may want to create (we’ll get to that in a minute), is an act of personal choice.  It’s an act–getting up and doing something.  (And so here I am, this morning, doing something.)

No matter what the creative act!!  Including just simply making a “better life.”  I am seeing this morning, even more than last night, when I first read this text that “a better life” is actually the main thing I want to create.   I also see that it is the adversary of all growth and of all creativity who is the influence that would have me waste out my life–no matter how much or how little I have left–in inertia. (I’m going to talk in first person, here.  I’ve fallen into the psychic trap of thinking and writing for “us.”) Under his influence I would just sit here doing nothing.  Enjoying nothing.  Hoping nothing. Contributing nothing.  Always dreaming.  Always preparing.  Always starting.

I have to get up and start doing something to create what I want to create.  Make what I want to make out of the privileges and opportunities God has blessed me with today.

 “Archetypes” that are “triggered” in every arena of creative effort.  It doesn’t matter what I’m trying to do.  Everything is a creative act.  Getting up this morning is a creative act!

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