Thursday, March 3, 2011

Start Writing--Stop the Spinning

I’m sure I’ve written this somewhere before, but the truth of the following thought is burning in my heart this morning.  Over the last 32 hours, I have taken the time to keep a “log”, and accounting–using my notepad as a place to “return and report” every hour or two or three.  Writing doesn’t diminish or detract from the rest of my life–it gives me the rest of my life.  It restores me to sanity.  It helps me get focused.  It helps me pick out the voice of sanity and reason–of balance and truth–from all the “voices” of worry and fear that are going through my mind almost continually.  When I start writing, I stop the “spinning” around of “opinion” and speculation.  I listen to that voice that speaks true principles–that reminds me of scriptural precedent and example; that “voice” that brings me calm and balance and understanding.  Upon “hearing”–getting in touch with that “voice”–I feel a peace flow through me.

I’ve been reading, lately, about neurochemistry.  I know that that feeling of peace that I feel has everything to do with the chemicals that are being released by my brain.  But, here’s the exciting part–I am living the truth that I am able to influence those centers in my brain to release those chemicals.  Or, at least, Someone is.  Something is.  A Power greater than myself is.

Anyway–back to writing.  Writing does that for me.  It centers me.  It focuses me.  It gives me clarity to identify the “voice” of peace and hope and willingness and sanity amongst all the other voices in my mind.  For this I am grateful.

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