Friday, March 4, 2011

Through Journaling I Possess My Soul

Journaling helps me slow down and possess my soul (my thoughts, feelings, life experiences and perceptions) with patience.  When I take time to record the passing of my hours, I become so aware of how full and rich my hours are.  I am in conscious contact with my life, with my self, with God.  I possess my own soul.  I am aware of hunger in all its kinds.  I am able to sort out true, physical hunger and fulness.  It is so wonderful to be in possession of my own “vessel” and to see it as sacred and to honor it by recording it.

I see that in the long run, it does not matter what happens to the records I make.  I don’t make them to preserve them, necessarily.  That is up to God, also–what gets preserved and what does not.  I write as a tool in the here-and-now, as a tool for staying conscious.

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  1. This is an elating thought, and I completly identify with it. As a Mother of young children my days often get crazy. I do gain my sanity when I can stop and write. It fills my soul and gives me meaning, and clarity to attain my vision.

    Colleen- I wanted to thank you for your book "He did deliver me from bondage". It is changing my life and my heart. There is so much I want to tell you. Do you have an email where I can write you?